...go and make disciples of all nations... Matthew 28:19

As we worship The Father and grow in our faith, we begin to understand that God's Love for us is magnified when we do His work serving and caring for others, we Serve because Jesus first Served! There are many mission opportunities where you can act on your faith with us locally, nationally, and globally. Take some time to learn more about our sponsored missionaries, as well.

Have you been wanting to go on a mission trip but unable to commit to where or when to go?

We invite you to pray and see where God leads you to serve in Missions! Contact Pastor Dann Ragan for additional information. Start the process and join us on a trip by completing and submitting to the church office or via email our GOTeam Application for Short Term Missions.

Sponsored Missionaries

As a Church body we have made the commitment to support missionaries all over the world. Some are from our very own congregation. Find out more about what they are doing, where they are doing it, and why they are so passionate about the call of missions in their life.

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