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What to expect

  • We are a church who will never turn anyone away because of what you wear, who you are, or where you are from. We want you to come to know Christ in a personal way. And to know Him is to be fully accepted, just as you are.
  • We study the Bible because we believe it is the inspired Word of God. So if you own one, bring it and read along! God has a message for us, and the primary way He communicates is through the Bible. So come and see what He has to say to you.
  • If you still are not sure about possibly wanting to come and make our church your home, just give it a try. Get to know us and let us get to know you. We can't possibly fit all the good things (and the quirks) of LifePointe on our website. So come this Sunday and check us out!

Service times & directions

We have two services on Sunday morning, one at 9AM and another at 10:30AM. Services are the same in content and style, so feel free to join us whichever hour fits with your schedule. We also have LifeGroups meeting both hours that would love to have you join them. Head over to the 'Grow' page to find out more about those. Click below for a Google Maps pin of our location.

Our Location

Worship Grow Serve

You will repeatedly see on our site and on our campus the theme of Worship Grow Serve. We believe that these ingredients are key to a believer's walk with Christ.

  1. Worship: Worship is vital and also a prerequisite to true growth, yet so often it is overlooked. Worship can take many forms, but in essence it is the focus of our entire heart, mind, and soul on God our Father, Christ our Savior, and The Holy Spirit our Advocate. In doing this we expect them to stir our hearts and bring evidence of faith in our lives.
  2. Grow: Growing can happen in many ways, but the most natural growth does not happen through a study or curriculum. It happens through life's trials and unexpected turns. In other words, you can grow the most when life makes you. That is why we STRONGLY encourage you to get involved with a LifeGroup. In a LifeGroup you face life with like-minded believers who are there to pick you up when you fall and celebrate with you when life is good. Digging through God's Word together helps you navigate life more effectively.
  3. Serve: Serving is the end/beginning to the cycle. After worshiping and growing you gain a better understanding of God's passion for you and in return you will have an uncontainable passion to love others. Serving will also create a more reverent affection for God as you do His will, causing you to worship Him more deeply.